Diving during rainy season

Dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Air and the island during rainy season
Oceans 5 caters fundivers and organises courses, including IDC’s (Instructor Development Courses), the whole year round.

Wet season arrives roughly somewhere in November and ends start of May, with the occasional rain showers in the month after. Because of their geographic location, the Gili Islands enjoy a very comfortable micro climate. The rainclouds tend to pass over as they get drawn towards the big volcanoes on Lombok, which results in a maximum of 2h of rain on average a day.
During this time the islands turns into a lush, green place where wildlife flourishes. You hear the mating calls from our resident Tokeh Tokeh’s (big gecko’s) around sunset, baby monitor lizards playing around in swimming pools, butterflies dancing and our tropical birds feeding their newborns.

The water temperature in the ocean stays fairly constant (27-30), with a slight drop of visibility due to all the nutrients coming in when our currents shift occassionally. This brings a big behavioural change in our marine eco system. Plenty of food to go by for all the species we have around the Gili’s. You can see fry and fingerlings feeding in great numbers, which provides food for some bigger fish and the ball starts rolling. The result is divers enjoying eventful dives with a lot of action.
Our macrolife also has its share of all the riches this time of the year, which makes the islands perfect for photographers during rainy season.
And last but not least we have whalesharks, manta rays and devil rays passing by on occasion to feed on all the goodies. While there is never any guarantee to see them, rainy season is where you have the best chance of spotting them.

This time of the year brings changes, and these changes are welcome every year! Its amazing how a bit of water can change both the look of the island, and everything and everyone that lives on and around the islands.
Come and experience a green lush paradise where diving will stun you. Sign up for a course if you’re not a diver yet, book fundives with our amazing local guides who will take you on a tour in their underwater backyard or sign up for your IDC if you would like to teach people how to dive in places like Gili Air.

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About IDCGiliIslands

Dive resort Oceans 5 is a PADI IDC and career development dive resort located on the Gili Islands. Oceans 5 has the best IDC facilities on the Gili Islands. A 25meter training pool and a 70m2 classroom.
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