It´s time to get wet again!

Dive resort Oceans 5 starts every month a PADI IDC Gili Islands course

Oceans 5 helps divers to get back into the water

A couple of years ago, maybe even a few more than couple, you were young, wild and travelling around the world. Somewhere along the journey you did your PADI open water course and became a certified diver. During your trip you did a few fun dives in beautiful locations, and you loved every second you spent under water.

And then it happened. Studies, work, family, kids…. all of a sudden there was nor time nor the money to go diving. And before you even realized, the whole idea started to feel a bit distant. What if I cant remember how to do it?

No worries mate, as we say here at Oceans 5 dive resort. We have a special program prepared just for people like you. This is actually a very common story heard in our dive shop in Gili Air every day.

The answer is a program called Scuba review. With a certified PADI dive instructor you do a little bit of theory, spend some time in the swimming pool and then do a nice, relaxed dive in the ocean to get your feet wet again.

I did a Scuba review today with Alan, a nice guy from London England in her early forties. In his logbook he has a nice dive career, about 20 dives in excellent locations around the world. But, the last dive was dated in June 2003.

No problem. 8:30 in the morning we sat down, discussed a bit of Alan´s expectations and went through a little diving related quizz that he had already answered the night before. All well, Alan remembered the basic essentials of diving and we were ready to move into the pool.

Starting from equipment setup, I showed Alan how to prepare his dive gear. At Oceans 5 dive resort we work with quality equipment mainly from Aqualung, which makes it very easy and safe to dive with us.

PADI IDC Gili Islands runs every month a PADI IDC with Course Director Sander Buis

PADI IDC Gili Islands runs every month a PADI IDC with Course Director Sander Buis

In a shallow water we started to go through the basic skills for safe diving. We cleared the regulator using blow method and purge button, and recovered the regulator behind our shoulders. Then it was time for the mask skills. Clearing half mask, full mask and eventually taking the mask off and putting it back to our faces. Last skill to complete the safety issues was the usage of alternative air source. Being in both roles we freshened our memories on how to perform in an out of air situation, sharing air with our buddy. Alan did all the skills extremelly well considering he had been on the dry for such a long period.

After the safety skills we moved to buoyancy. Starting with fin pivot we found the neutral buoyancy and then started to swim around the pool. In the beginning alan had some issues with his buoyancy. Alan had a tendency of swimming a bit head down with legs up in the air, which we fixed by taking one weight of from the belt, repositioning the weights and making minor adjustments to the body position. More swimming and it started to look really nice. Last exercise under the water, we did a ten minute hovering session putting a lot of effort into maintaing neutral buoyancy and staying motionless in the water. All good, we did a five point ascent to surface, had a little chat about the skills and practised BCD removal and weight belt removal on the surface.

And now it was time for the highlight of the day. Lets go diving!  We did a relaxed dive at Meno Wall, one of the many dive sites around Gili Air. Going down nice and easy, remembering to equalize throughout the descent we gradually went down to our max depth of the dive, 24 meters. From there the current picked us up and gave us a nice ride along the wall. During the dive I was constantly checking Alan´s performance, monitoring his air consumption and giving small tips on how the handle the drift and how to position himself during the dive. After 45 minutes it was time to move onto our safety stop on 5 meters, and then go up to the surface.

The best reward for a dive instructor is the happy face of a customer. Alan was really pleased with his diving experience and booked immediately two more fundives for the following day. Mission accomplished, one lost soul returned to the diving tribe!

(c) Kimmo Pekari 2015

Diving around the Gili Islands with IDC dive resort Oceans 5 Gili Air Indonesia

About IDCGiliIslands

Dive resort Oceans 5 is a PADI IDC and career development dive resort located on the Gili Islands. Oceans 5 has the best IDC facilities on the Gili Islands. A 25meter training pool and a 70m2 classroom.
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